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why is 95% of the videos now adding a charge. Not a happy camper

stop making this a pay site

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  • wimp505 commented  · 

    Xtube is just one big ROYAL pain-in-the-ass!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yeah, I have been done with xtube for awhile now. "Premium" videos. Ugh. I gave up and just join porn sites if I want to pay for it. If you want amateur there are plenty of those sites as well and they don't charge so much per video, you do one flat rate price for a whole month and can download as much "premium" content as you want for much less than half the price you would pay for that much "premium" content here.

  • Profile - DRS413 commented  · 

    in the time it took you to write this you could have done an "advanced" search and included "free video's only". This way you only see free video's.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    How do I just get to watch the free movies on my mobile phone? I-pad works but not my phone.

  • xvgsoh commented  · 

    The ratio of free vids to paid vids tends to vary over time, but there's usually a lot of free stuff out there (including mine). Aside from natural variation, there have now and again been times when one or other of the upload channels (free and amateur uploads are processed differently) has experienced a problem that caused a lack of new vids of that type. Understandably, Xtube gives priority to the paid videos, but the free ones are also very important.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Xtube was the best website. I mean it was , because now is almost entirely a website where you have to pay to watch vids. 90% of new added videos are payable vids to watch . Unfortunately, I think not to renew my VIP membership because it is too expensive for what the site offers . In addition to monthly VIP registration fees, you must pay more for videos . It really anything. Xtube have once been a very important site, but it is now expected to join the ranks of other mundane sites. This is so sad.

  • Nic commented  · 

    It's a lot of work to make premium videos! I have many free videos, but ugly: the free users have most not 10 seconds time to write a comment or give a rating to a video. thats very bad! and thats the reason, why i also make in future videos with charge. this is not the problem of the usere who upload videos, its a problem from the viewing users!!

  • sim commented  · 

    instead of answering, you're advertising? in the feedback?

  • Arami commented  · 

    Xtube doesn't decide whether uploaded videos are free or pay. The user who uploads them decides.

  • AdminAdmin (Support and Development Team, XTube) commented  · 

    Hello! Xtube is totally free to join and view free videos on. Spending money on the site you have the advantage of accessing live cam chats, full length DVD quality videos and exclusive amateur content made by our registered amateur family. Thank you!

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