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BLOCKING someone does not mean he is BLOCKED

Hi xtube tech admins….
I recognized, that it is possible to vote on BLOCKED USERS…I think if I block someone, who maybe posted a hate comment on one of my videos, this blocked USER SHOULD not have the possibility to vote on my profile votes and on my video votes anymore….BLOCKING someone should BLOCK all his activities on my profile INCLUDING VOTING my videos down…please think about this and change it…. BLOCKING someone should prevent me. A blocked user should not share his hate to me anymore by voting my videos down in a row, as it happens from time to time. Thanks for a quick change of the scripts on your website source.thanks.

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  • alfredosian commented  · 

    The problem with dedicated daily haters as reported by Joe, Jsq, BD and Maxim in this and other threads, has been going on for a while.

    I first reported it to Xtube support in April 2016. That's over 14 months ago. The abuse on CumControl101's profile and mine has continued this entire time, accumulating thousands of thumbs down. Xtube did exactly nothing to help, despite repeated requests.

    No measure to help expose the haters (in fact for the longest time, authors of thumbs down didn't even show in the notification stream), prevent repeated votes, restore the original rating (I have screenshots), revert identified haters' votes (I provided a list of 200 accounts controlled by the hater), or even disable voting on profiles.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yeah, I'm not really understanding how blocked profiles can still down-vote after they've been blocked. It's harassment. Clean up the trolls. Thanks.

  • Joe commented  · 

    I absolutely agree with the other comments. I have a few dedicated haters who visit my profile "daily" merely to vote down my profile and content. I would like to block these users from my page period! This is a feature available on all other social media profile type sites and a site like this in particular should add this feature ASAP. Thank you for your consideration.

  • jsq commented  · 

    I agree with previous comments. Blocking someone should mean ... BLOCKING. The blocked member should have no possible way to interact:

    no messages
    no comments and
    no voting

    I am fed up of the typical users with empty profiles that they only contribute to this site by giving systematically negatives votes.

  • BD commented  · 

    Another strong vote to make the BLOCK USER feature stronger. It should absolutely stop the blocked user from also rating the profile or any content. After I deleted a hateful negative comment and blocked them, one user in particular makes it a point to still regularly visit my profile to give it and all of my videos down votes. I ignore it, but it is frustrating. Please consider a more powerful BLOCK that stops the blocked user's ability to rate our profiles or content. Thanks.

  • Dan commented  · 

    I agree blocked should mean blocked like it is on other sites, i.e. they cannot even see you anymore let alone vote.

    So many haters, trolls and bullies it is wrong that Xtube still doesn't get what blocked should mean

  • Maxim commented  · 

    when will xtube change, that BLOCKED USERS can´t vote on profiles and videos? I get voted down constantly on all my profiles by HATERS. STOP THEM!!! DONT allow them to vote, if they are blocked...its an easy script change...please do it!!! I dont understand, why blocked users cant write messages, cant add friends, BUT CAN VOTE DOWN...thats UNLOGIC and needed to be changed immediately.thanks

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