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Make blocking a user FULLY block them

After blocking the user hole4poz he was able to still give my profile a thumbs down almost every day. Now that it seems xtube has finally done something about him (I've seen other posts about users who were harassed by him) 4 other profiles have started giving me thumbs down votes everyday. The new profiles are HELLOHATERS, BUGCHASER4AIDS, GIVEMEAIDS, and TOXICAIDSCHASER. Please make blocking actually do something more than block friend requests, users have been complaining about it for at least a year

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manutdboy shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
AdminAdmin (Support and Development Team, XTube) responded  · 

Hello Manutdboy.

Thank you for letting us know.
The team will definitely look into the matter as we do not tolerate any sort of harassment towards our loyal members.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you.


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  • Duh commented  · 

    He also has profiles AIDSCUMDUMP2017 and CIA_INVESTIGATION. Do something about this pathetic dumbfuck.

  • manutdboy commented  · 

    He's back to down voting my profile again as AIDSCUMDUMP2017 (with lots of stolen videos posted on his account), MDTOXICGUY, FLOOD1963, and CIA_INVESTIGATION

  • manutdboy commented  · 

    He's back yet again as DCBUGCHASER to downvote my profile. His two other profiles Norma1931 and 2010lucy have also still been downvoting my profile almost daily. There has to be some way to ban him from the site. Otherwise he'll just keep popping up to be hateful to other legitimate users of the site.

  • manutdboy commented  · 

    He is back as ConvertMeToxic, Norma1931, 2010lucy, and now AIDSDCCHASER as well. It seems ConvertMeToxic has already been taken down but the other three are still active and still downvoting my profile daily. He needs to be blocked by his IP address so he can't keep making accounts on here

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I also came here to point out that Hole4Poz has come back (as ConvertMeToxic) and has sock puppet account (Norma1931 and 2010lucy). It makes no sense that one can still rate people that they have been blocked by. If XTube can't be bothered to fix this, then ConvertMeToxic and his other account need to be IP-banned.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    He's under ConvertMeToxic username now.

    He kept sending friend requests with different profiles after I've rejected the first one, I went to his profile to call him out for that and two new profiles appeared (Norma1931 and 2010lucy).

    An idea would be void thumbs up/down given by banned profiles. I have 6 thumbs down given by his profiles by now, and I think this number will increase soon.

  • alfredosian commented  · 

    With all due respect, the "we do not tolerate any sort of harassment towards our loyal members" line doesn't quite reflect reality.

    I have personally reported a (still ongoing) harassment campaign targeting CumControl101 and myself as early as April 2016. That's 15 months ago!

    With 8 years on the site, 210 videos and 2.5 million views per year for me, and 89 videos, 10 million views per year for him, I would think we both qualify as loyal members. Yet my repeated requests for help were denied. The response from Xtube Support included "there doesn't seem to be anything wrong", "are you sure you didn't just annoy someone", "well just disable voting on all your videos", "sorry, you can't disable voting on your profile", "can you provide screenshots" and when provided "sorry, there's nothing we can do anyways".

    At its peak the campaign involved 20 thumbs down per day on each of our profile and dozens of our videos, new as well as years old ones. 15 months later, the campaign still continues. In the meantime, both our profiles have endured thousands of thumbs, and our videos hundreds each. My profile rating went from 99% to 69%. Some of our videos went from >95% to < 35%.

    I provided Xtube Support with plenty of evidence, including a list of 200 obviously fake accounts involved (voting at the same time, similar name, similar profile picture, same last login time, ...) as described in these blog post:

    Still no action.

    So the unfortunate reality is you DO tolerate harassment towards loyal members.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I am having the same problem from same user accounts (which is the same person). Please make it stop.

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