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I think it would be a good idea to add search filters so that those who do not wish to see those 0:15 Amateur videos, sponsor videos, conten

I think it would be a good idea to add search filters so that those who do not wish to see those 0:15 Amateur videos, sponsor videos, content from a certain user or professional quality videos don't have to skip through pages of them. I and I'm sure many others don't plan on paying for amateur videos but they get in the way of what could be quicker searching for content. This is not to rule them out completely but make it easier for those who do not wish see certain content. I've run into this situation numerous times when I type a certain keyword but have to skip through pages of content made by a user who I do not wish to see or 15 second videos until I find what I'm looking for. I know pornhub and other sites have filters so that you can choose between homemade videos or professional videos. If something like this was included on xtube it would be great!

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  • sethweldy666 commented  · 

    I don't watch 15sec vids their pretty much always pay. Which they make enough sales on games and adverts anyway they dont hurt for the money!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would not object to the inclusion of the 0.15 clips -- I have purchased a few, but they were not as good as I had hoped -- if they were not becoming so numerous and repetitive. Tonight, these clips by "Jake's Apt." take up one page, almost entirely, and are present in large numbers on every page. This individual appears to be trying to block out other videos for pages to increase his chances of earning a few bucks for his repetitive features. It is incredibly discourteous and shows no consideration of other visitors and users of the website -- as if he expects it to become for his personal use. I urge you to set some kind of limits on the appearance of these clips. I don't want to ask you to do something unreasonable. Just be aware of how intrusive some of the individual's posting are becoming.

  • XT1 commented  · 

    Hello! We see suggestions as an opportunity to improve our services. Your suggestion are valuable to us and will be considered as part of our ongoing activities to improve our services.Thank you!

  • Arami commented  · 

    In addition, (or instead), there could be a universal filter (much like the top bar "I am male, I like female"), where you click if you want to see

    1) amateur and/or professional (or both)
    2) free and/or pay (or both)

    That way, not only can people looking for free content not waste time sorting through pay clips, but people who are here to watch actual home made, self-uploaded, amatuer content (which is, after all, the whole point of a "-tube" site, isn't it?) can filter out all the sponsored stuff, all the stuff from studio's (for example, "Just a Shag" by exoticoboy - great porn, but obviously neither home-made nor amateur), clips which are a front for advertising (bbcofficial with a bunch of short free clips designed to drive traffic to subscription pay sites via his website)

    Then you could completely eliminate the "amateur" page, (which only shows amatuer clips that are for pay). Have one page, which by default shows everything, and then if a person selects "amateur" only, it will show everything made by real people, at home, that they uploaded themselves (whether it is free or pay)
    If the user selects professional, it shows all the xtube sponsor clips, along with anything uploaded by a studio, advertiser, producer, etc (free or pay)

    Completely independent of that switch, users could select "free only", "pay only", or "everything", the results of which is self-explanatory.

    In the case of the OP of this suggestion, they could find what they are looking for by selecting both "amateur" and "free".

  • Arami commented  · 

    After some more thought, I have an idea of how to implement this:

    Currently if you have an amateur account, and you click on the "amateur" heading, you see a list of the most recent uploaded amateur videos.
    If you can watch it for free (i.e. it is your own) you see a green button that says "play"
    If you can not, you see a red button that says "purchase" and a grey button that says "preview"

    This would perfectly solve the issue of sorting content on the main page - bonus for the devs, it would require a minimum of new coding, since this page layout / system already exists on the xtube website.
    Just copy it over to the main video page.

    Then the pay videos could be listed accurately by their entire length, and it would be obvious to everyone that the 15sec clip is a preview of the rest, which is available for whatever cost.
    The red and green buttons would also make it fast and easy for users to zero in on what they are looking for.

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