1. Reported a video and never received a response

  2. Do ANY support requests get responses?  ·  completed

  3. Respectfully, respond to email queries/requests more quickly. Thank you.  ·  completed

  4. I sent an email question over a week ago. No response.  ·  completed

  5. Hello, I put $22.65 on my xtube account, thinking I was renting a certain video. Sent 4 emails, no response. Help please.  ·  completed

  6. Supply a suggested pricing level based on historical data based on best unit sale counts for different movie lengths. (5 minute increments?)

  7. Can you post the dates and times that people submit posts in this forum and also the date and times that responses by yourselves and others?

  8. I have asked for help deleting a failed upload 3 times now without getting a response. I have no delete button, I can't do it myself. Help

  9. Why is it that every time I try to log in, the "data are incorrect" and I have to do a new password?  ·  completed

  10. The new format is do data dense that it clogs up my internet explorer. While the new site works on chrome, it is sluggish.  ·  completed

  11. be carefull  ·  completed

  12. horrible  ·  completed

  13. Crazy idea - please start responding to customer enquiries?

  14. What's going on.

  15. How come I can't reply to messages?  ·  completed

  16. Where's Gina? No reply to amateur support requests in 3 weeks!  ·  completed

  17. Please correct "New" video sorting, to result in newest and most recent videos, instead of recycled months & years OLD content.  ·  completed

  18. Respond to support requests  ·  completed

  19. Replies aren't showing in any comment stream|string  ·  completed

  20. Hire new technical help  ·  completed

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