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    Hey Sissy!

    We appreciate your feedback! The censorship system has been re-established. Some videos are flagged because they appear to contain professionally produced content and as we are an amateur site, typically our users will flag any videos that appear to contain professional content. If users don’t own the rights to them, then unfortunately they cannot distribute them! Additionally a public profile’s videos can have no website addresses, watermarks or anything that either directs a user to another site or could be considered an advertisement in them or in their description/title as this is a violation of the User Agreement.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    and it has nothing to do with watermarks or links. It's WORDS that are being censored. Also the notifications are ridiculous. Many of us have added content to your site over the years, driving traffic to the site, so we should be considered.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    i'm sorry but why is there censorship of certain words like Daddy, girl, etc etc. I can't even send a message to friends without it containing a message about "banned words". For what legal reason is this happening?

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